Ben Gerstel is passionate, enthusiastic and creative. He has worked for 15 years in a variety of small, medium and large architectural practices before setting up his own practice in 1997. He is very knowledgeable about council requirements. He lives and works in Castlecrag, a suburb rich in architectural history.

Ben identifies your needs and requirements and how you live day to day, to design the best possible home for you. A well designed home can work for you now and accommodate different needs as a family grows up. Many elements make up a good design such as the use of natural light, spatial planning, materials and colour.

Ben can recommend the various consultants necessary for your project such as engineers, surveyors and bushfire consultants required to achieve an approved and creative design.

Ben is the vice president of the Australian Architecture Association which is a not-for-profit association that educates the public about good design. Volunteers lead walks in areas around Sydney showing a collection of traditional, interesting and contemporary buildings.

The association also holds residential tours and talks. Ben developed and leads the walks in Castlecrag, Northbridge and McMahons Point as he is knowledgeable about architecture and loves sharing his knowledge of architecture with people.

Ben writes a column in the local paper for Castlecrag, “ The Crag”, where he writes about architect designed houses in the suburb.